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XX (b) for measures "necessary to protect human, animal or plant life" and XX (g) for measures "relating to the conservation of exhaustible natural resources if such measures are made effective in conjunction with restrictions on domestic production or consumption.
Quantity or scope: The acquisition and delivery of microcalorimetry and its analysis device and software () computer to complete the research undertaken in the field of alternative binders in cement in concrete, the substitution of constituents whose resources are exhaustible by-products or waste.
directly depend on exhaustible natural resources or because market
green policy impacts on exhaustible resources to better provide the
Hotelling, "The Economics of Exhaustible Resources" Journal of Political Economy, 39(2), 1931, pp.
Since Harold Hotelling developed his classic model of exhaustible resource extraction in 1931, economists have modeled the optimal extraction of a fixed stock of an exhaustible resource under the assumption that resource owners can reallocate extraction across different periods without constraint.
In addition countries must consider future generations: oil and gas stocks are an exhaustible natural resource wealth.
They promote innovation and efficiency, but they are not prescient about longterm future demands for exhaustible resources, nor for sustaining resources that are being degraded through overuse.
But the WTO's position today is clear - export restrictions cannot be imposed to conserve exhaustible natural resources if the domestic production or consumption of the same raw materials is not restricted at the same time for the same purpose.
In the nature, continuous self replicating and self changing power, ore is an exhaustible resource, an indispensable part of historical, social, political and economic life of humankind.
According to colleagues at the Thorium Energy Alliance, hot pockets just three to ten kilometers down are exhaustible, going to the mantle is impractical, and any material would melt there.
The head pointed out that facing increasing resource and environment pressure, Chinese government has been reinforcing and improving its comprehensive regulation on high-polluting, high-energy-consuming and resource-consuming products in recent years, in an effort to respond to the needs to conserve exhaustible natural resources and protect environment, Xinhua said.