exhaustive study

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See," continued the Vicar, opening several small drawers, "I fancy I have made an exhaustive study of the entomology of this district.
WOMEN who came off hormone replacement therapy after a health scare have the right to feel aggrieved now a more exhaustive study insists it is safe.
Following an exhaustive study the Road Safety Foundation has branded the two roads the most dangerous in the region.
The trade secrets of the great masters are uncovered in "Paint Like The Masters: An excellent way to learn from those who have much to teach ", an exhaustive study of 14 of the world's most famous paintings.
After an exhaustive study of the telephony market in the UK, the company has built an extensive database that includes all plans and companies in the country, allowing it to offer the best plan for consumers from the 134 currently available.
The LATINA Style 50 Report is the most exhaustive study of corporate America's policies and opportunities for Latinas in the workplace," says Robert E.
She has spent the past two years working at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica and, using PS30,000 she raised in a "crowd-funding" campaign, has begun carrying out an exhaustive study of the slow moving animals in the country's extensive jungles.
The website appears to have lent credence to the study stating that "they have conducted an exhaustive study of the reports and interactions with various stakeholders and helped identify the various parameters for measuring the state of doing business in India, the methodology to measure and collect information and the best practices being followed by states/ UTs".
Now I'm one of the few folk who couldn't care less how much his house is worth, but bear in mind that an exhaustive study published this month by the London School of Economics has concluded that house prices can be reduced by 12% when windfarms are built nearby.
Fiesta 1000 is geared to stand out unlike other passing art events, through relying on an exhaustive study of the investment market in Saudi Arabia in general and in Jeddah city in particular besides focusing on the need to promote artists properly by exhibiting their works in the best possible light.
With discussion of different types of humor in the crime fiction tradition, the book is not intended as an exhaustive study but as an introduction to the best humor authors of the genre.
The official said the report included an exhaustive study of 20 years of activity, affirming that 85% of recommendations had been approved.