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There is a vital role to be played by standard materials that can be shared and exhaustively characterized.
The new team says it turned to Bingham's unpublished journals to fully uncover the site and understand its significance, which is detailed exhaustively in their field report.
Dessen's Rescripting Shakespeare exhaustively examines the different kinds of cuts, consolidations, alterations, insertions, and interpolations that today's directors regularly make to the received text when staging plays by Shakespeare.
Over a period of a year, Wind was able to test its infrastructure exhaustively.
His exhaustively researched and meticulously reasoned argument may well win support for this dramatic proposal.
Her exhaustively researched account begins with the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Phthalates, in fact, have been studied exhaustively from a health and safety perspective over a period of many years.
It was exhaustively tested in a high-speed aircraft wind runnel and its designers claimed the new body shape ensured greatly reduced wind resistance and the 1,489 cc engine, with twin carburettor, gave the MGA sparkling performance.
This exhaustively researched and artfully constructed biography plucks an American hero from the scrap heap of history and redeems him.
He has done so patiently, relentlessly--one is even tempted to say exhaustively, yet Ryman never fails to uncover some neglected aspect of the medium.
Energy has tested its systems exhaustively before bringing them to market.
The recent, extraordinary PBS documentary "The Longest Prejudice" traced the history of anti-Semitism exhaustively if in a sometimes oversimplified fashion.