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The severe challenging behaviors exhibited by children with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) pose a unique challenge to the educational community (Nelson, 1996).
Similarly, teachers' use of positive statements has a positive interpersonal effect on the rates of disruptive behaviors exhibited by children with EBD.
Although this sampling isn't all-inclusive of every new product exhibited in Kansas City, it does provide a glimpse into many of the innovations that may have been missed,
Thermtronix exhibited two new "noncrucible" furnaces, available in both electric and gas-fired versions.
Yet the public has no say in what is being collected, reviewed, appraised, deducted from taxes, or exhibited.
The paintings are exhibited in a space designed by architect Rem Koolhaas, who used panels of rust-colored Cor-Ten steel to evoke the velvet walls of the State Hermitage Museum.
This sampling of the new technology and enhancements exhibited at CastExpo '99 provides foundrymen with a recap of the show floor in St.
The centerpiece of the new exhibit is a 1 million-gallon tank showcasing fast-swimming animals that, due to their space requirements, have seldom been exhibited before.