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The severe challenging behaviors exhibited by children with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) pose a unique challenge to the educational community (Nelson, 1996).
Similarly, teachers' use of positive statements has a positive interpersonal effect on the rates of disruptive behaviors exhibited by children with EBD.
Although this sampling isn't all-inclusive of every new product exhibited in Kansas City, it does provide a glimpse into many of the innovations that may have been missed,
Thermtronix exhibited two new "noncrucible" furnaces, available in both electric and gas-fired versions.
Yet the public has no say in what is being collected, reviewed, appraised, deducted from taxes, or exhibited.
Many of these flags will never be exhibited again because they are too fragile," says Dr.
The paintings are exhibited in a space designed by architect Rem Koolhaas, who used panels of rust-colored Cor-Ten steel to evoke the velvet walls of the State Hermitage Museum.
This sampling of the new technology and enhancements exhibited at CastExpo '99 provides foundrymen with a recap of the show floor in St.
history that the American flag has been exhibited using original flags to tell the story of our country's history," Zaricor said.
The centerpiece of the new exhibit is a 1 million-gallon tank showcasing fast-swimming animals that, due to their space requirements, have seldom been exhibited before.
The difference in the number of exhibiting companies at the 2003 Drawing compared with the 2000 Drawing is almost wholly accounted for by companies that are not SPI members and have never exhibited at an NPE, according to NPE 2003 Show Director Barbara Voss.
OTC Bulletin Board:ACLR), a leading provider of high-speed highlight color printing systems, today announced that its systems were exhibited by IBM, Xerox, and Sun Chemical in their respective exhibit halls at the DRUPA 2000 exhibit May 18 through May 31, 2000 in Dusseldorf, Germany.