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They knew in their guts that this was the war that they had been born to fight, and so there was little self-pity, or exhibitionistic mourning for the fallen: "Bachur tov.
Interestingly, this result suggests that it is the more "sociable" or affiliative aspects of extraversion that differentiate politicians and public servants, rather than the more exhibitionistic or flamboyant aspects of that personality factor.
better than others, competitive, exhibitionistic," and desirous of
If the audience is unsure what to make of this, uncertain of the view of the period that finally emerges, the play will have succeeded in achieving what Barker refers to as "the suspension of moral predictability" This is apparent in his characterisation of Charles II, history's "merrie monarch" Charles appears first in scene 3 as a sex-crazed, exhibitionistic, infantile, regressive cynic, who amuses himself by shying skittles at the headless trunk of Bradshaw while being masturbated by his mistress Devonshire and while his court poet, Clegg, spouts verses of exaggerated praise for his Royal Highness.
This history was not touched on by the Maysles in their smirking presentation of the pair, but the authors of the new musical--Doug Wright (book), Michael Korie (lyrics), and Scott Frankel (music)--went in search of it, drawing on a diary Little Edie kept in 1928 and :929 which presented the poignant picture of a daughter who both loved and abominated her neurotic, exhibitionistic mother.
If only the exhibitionistic 21-year-old had been as slow taking off his clothes as he was putting them back on this would have been a perfect weekend for Wearside.
Their offenses tend to be non-contact or exhibitionistic.
They are large and exhibitionistic so that even a partial glimpse on a television screen or between two buildings is instantly recognisable and enough to fix our visual and emotional compasses.
distracting for some is the willfully exhibitionistic child, who wants
The green credentials of the complex are not advertised in a crudely exhibitionistic way.
And despite, or perhaps because of, a few tantalizing reflections on the post-colonial development of exhibitionistic, fleshy mas (what a Trinidadian friend once wryly described to me as "speedo-and-two-sequin mas"), I found myself yearning for more attention to the class- and gender-based dynamics underlying this increasingly hegemonic form of contemporary "masquerade.