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Plymouth: After another exhilaratingly close contest in the final leg of the 2013 Route des Princes, Oman Air-Musandam was pipped to the post in the final stages to finish second overall behind Edmond de Rothschild.
Our Own Reporter added breathlessly, "Hymns were sung spontaneously, exhilaratingly, straight from the heart.
Despite being an experienced scuba diver, SeaVenture - where you put on an old-fashioned diving helmet for an underwater walk around a seabed - was exhilaratingly bizarre and like nothing else I'd ever tried out.
Exhilaratingly, all these facts have proved the accuracy of our hypothesis.
We're exhilaratingly favoured and yet we carry on shuffling, with our eyes to the ground.
Former Gold Cup winner Kauto Star was written off and consigned to pasture by some until he exuberantly and exhilaratingly galloped to victory in the Betfair Chase - giving weight all round and trouncing the young pretenders to his throne.
He has a point to a degree but nonetheless all the show gardens and exhibits are exhilaratingly accessible, as are the celebrities.
Exhilaratingly delicious lal maans (Dh55), a Rajasthani preparation of tender lamb cooked with onion, tomato and yoghurt gravy, is a potent dish that truly shines.
Knowledgeable staff were on hand to guide customers around the store and the air was soon exhilaratingly aromatic, as delighted customers tried on sophisticated and captivating fragrances, tested invigorating shower gels and hand soaps at the sink area and experienced everything from body lotions to home fragrances.
An exhilaratingly alive and sweet-natured tale set in the barren landscape of a Central Asian steppe, an environment where only nomadic shepherds live.