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As they empathize with Sam's journey to join the exhilaratingly fresh Poet's Corner, readers will also become fascinated with the terrifying aspects of OCD through a constant view into Sam's ever-churning mind.
But, as Susan Buck-Morss and others have remarked, the appearance of this picture in fact signaled a different kind of shift, heralding a disorienting period in which new technologies and economies began to thrust us, exhilaratingly, into a place of radical proxim-ity--into the age of globalization.
One of director Ed Cornely's finest gambits is to allow McGourty and Richards the room to make their performances feel exhilaratingly extemporaneous.
On the paper, the figures may be looking exhilaratingly pleasant; but, on the ground, the prevalent realities are repulsively ugly.
After another exhilaratingly close contest in the final leg of the 2013 Route des Princes, Oman Air-Musandam was pipped to the post in the final stages to finish second overall behind Edmond de Rothschild, according to a press release issued by Oman Sail yesterday.
Summary: Plymouth: After another exhilaratingly close contest in the final leg of the 2013 Route des .
The works are exhilaratingly revelatory of the depth and richness of possibilities in direction of this Filipino master which his early works in the 1950s very tantalizingly suggested.
Her half-century of work includes the exhilaratingly disorienting "equipment pieces" (as in Walking on the Wall), her beguiling mathematical structures (as in her "accumulations"), her famously liquid movement quality (see www.
In 1977 she wrote, "The horizon for nursing expands exhilaratingly.
It was a form of self-mythologization, Brenna suggests, that could be as dangerously reckless as exhilaratingly productive in its results, leaving the 25th Street juggernaut to sputter and veer as often as it roared ahead to lead the pack.
We're exhilaratingly favoured and yet we carry on shuffling, with our eyes to the ground.
Former Gold Cup winner Kauto Star was written off and consigned to pasture by some until he exuberantly and exhilaratingly galloped to victory in the Betfair Chase - giving weight all round and trouncing the young pretenders to his throne.