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99) In an effort to encourage military judges to more strictly adhere to the liberal grant mandate, the CAAF began to add teeth to this once merely exhortative policy.
In (68) -OJ is suffixed to the intransitive verb in the exhortative mood; in (69) it marks the referent of the term phrase as nonspecific.
Today, the exhortative power of music for political ends is a forgotten topic.
Linkon's essay on the antisuffrage essays of Mary Abigail Dodge (Gail Hamilton) examines Dodges problematic use of the public, exhortative jeremiad in her call for a return to submissive feminine domesticity.
This sheet is, we might say, a receptacle of textual excess: the surplus of writing is drawn into it; fragments of language are inscribed and reinscribed in superimposed layers upon its surface, leaving such accreted traces that Balmanno's desired text (Anne Shakespeare's exhortative couplets) becomes illegible, unable to stand forth from the background of undifferentiated language.
We agree that an audit protocol is an exhortative statement of goals and objectives to guide the conduct of an audit rather than a legally binding agreement.
A proper elucidation of the role of the Jason story in these traditions might help to explain some of the questions that ancient representations posed for early Christian interpreters and exhortative preaching.
Without this intellectual development the stakeholder literature has little meaning beyond the exhortative, since economic and business principles would still make the normative measure of their meaning in terms of the individual maximizer's of profit and efficiency as the sole governor of behavior and decision making.
Exhortative management seemed to be a losing proposition.
These two examinations of exhortative style in two distinctive groups provide a good comparison of similarities and differences across the spectrum of religious diversity in the South.
Critics were unanimous in their praise of Bon Jovi's New Meadowlands concerts, with The New York Times stating that Bon Jovi "lays claim to his home turf with exultant pride, and with exhortative anthems about hanging in and hanging on.
An excellent piece by Jennifer Herdt argues for the complementary role of institutions alongside the "poetic ascent" to the "network of agape" that Taylor favors, an argument revisited in more exhortative form by Eric Gregory and Leah Hunt-Hendrix in the context of Taylor's reliance on Illich's reading of the Good Samaritan parable.