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During that time he also trained four people of color as lay exhorters to aid him and continue proselytizing in his absence.
What Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, George Bush and assorted other exhorters to goodness were preaching in Philadelphia, Judge Burgess was practicing.
For Cone, the Black Church, that Church of the slave religion, the Church of the spirituals, the Church under the oppression of White slave owners, the Church of exhorters, the Church of Sojourner Truth, of Frederick Douglass, and of Harriet Tubman, is the Church that is the repository of the Black tradition.
It can be no surprise then that all four of the Latin "doctors" are renowned not only as theologians, but as preachers and moral exhorters.
34) Members 1819; Probationers 1822-1832; Stewards, Exhorters, Leaders, Local Preachers 1818-1835; in Methodist Episcopal Church Records, vols.
Given the lack of attention given to Early Black evangelical texts by literary scholars, it might be assumed that African American field preachers and exhorters didn't have much to say about the theological debates of the time, but this conclusion would be a mistake, as the written works of John Marrant illustrate.
Every clergyman present had been provided for in a private residence - even down to the Licensed Exhorters, who were not really ministers at all when you came to think of it, and who might well thank their stars that the Conference had assembled among such openhanded people.
On a spectrum stretching from unlettered slave exhorters in the nineteenth century to sophisticated pulpiteers in the twentieth century, King stood as a quintessential black preacher, prophet, and jeremiad "speaking truth to power" and bringing deliverance to the disinherited.
However knit to Anglo-America by ties of exchange and diplomacy, they seldom took up the cross despite the efforts of either missionaries like John Eliot, the Mayhew family, David Brainerd, and David Zeisberger or native exhorters like Samson Occom.
Never did the Hart sisters claim to have been exhorters (an exhorter preached but, unlike lay preachers, did not "take a text" for elaboration and explication), but perhaps they at least sometimes functioned as exhorters or even lay preachers, albeit without public acknowledgment of their efforts.
Exhorters were asked to "draw in the net" by urging persons to receive salvation-after the more seasoned preacher had delivered the principal sermon.