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As the Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith's doctrinal note of November 2002, observes, the Second Vatican Council actually exhorts Christians "to fulfill their duties Faithfully in the spirit of the Gospel.
The author exhorts librarians to speak out, demand libraries as spiritual, sacred space to demand space for books, to remember the spirituality of books, to demand libraries serve as communal space, to balance libraries' public and private functions, to trumpet their ability to uplift individuals and society, to control chaos, and to remember that they transmit culture and immortality.
The hard-sell advertising for the intermittently entertaining soccer documentary ``Once in a Lifetime'' exhorts potential viewers to ``experience the irresistible story of the team that had America at its feet.
The point we would most agree on is the statement that the church as employer needs to practice the social justice principles it exhorts others to follow.
The Eleventh commandment exhorts against how Christianity is misused to pursue personal and political agendas today - Jesus' teachings are not about electing people who will change the laws to force others to live as we demand, nor is it about accumulating wealth and living in personal comfort and complacency.
An in-depth resource filled with up-to-date advice, that walks the reader through the basics of filling out forms and exhorts how easy it is to learn about the newest scholarships on the world wide web.
Abramsky exhorts his fellow progressives to "uphold the values of pluralism, rationalism, skepticism, women's rights, and individual liberty" in opposition to the values of the fundamentalist Islamist terrorists.
This book exhorts the reader to focus on who she is, where she is, and how she plans to use her knowledge and resources to shatter the glass ceiling to get to the next level.
Speaking in his unique and personable style, Gordon exhorts today's musicians to "follow [the composers of the twentieth century] and grow in our own art just as they [the composers] grew in theirs.
In the afterword, the author, personally familiar with combat, calls 9/11 a "wake up" call and exhorts the U.
Piper regularly exhorts her audiences to analyze her works, whether in the dance-class performance Funk Lessons, 1982-84, or in image-text arrangements from the 1992 series "Decide Who You Are.
He was most likely a taxpayer; in Romans 13: 6-7, he not only exhorts people to pay their taxes, but even refers to those who receive them as "God's ministers.