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POLICE exhumed the second of three bodies last night, as part of an ongoing investigation into a series of suspicious deaths at a care home.
They had his body exhumed from Willenhall Lawn Cemetery in June last year after new evidence came to light.
The head of Chile's Medical Legal Service, Patricio Bustos, said Neruda's body was exhumed in about an hour on Monday and tests will be carried out on his remains in the capital, Santiago.
The body of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was exhumed on Tuesday, eight years after his death, as part of an investigation into allegations he was poisoned, official Palestinian radio said.
But over three months later, Christopher's mother and stepfather Pam and George Cummings are still waiting for the results and I N V EST I is exhumed.
The Greek authorities rejected those findings and had insisted Christopher's body be exhumed to produce further samples.
Their loved one will have been exhumed twice and buried three times.
THE bodies of more than 1,000 victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre have been exhumed from Bosnia's biggest mass grave, forensic experts said yesterday.
A MOTHER whose stillborn daughter was buried in a mass grave today said the body was exhumed without her permission.
A major government review of burial law will ask today if human remains should be exhumed so graves can be reused.
A HUMAN skull discovered buried in a Co Kerry churchyard more than 20 years ago could be exhumed.
And he wants the body lying in the coffin exhumed to prove it is not him.