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PreXa Media recently announced the launch of the new emergency app, Exigency, which solves these problems elegantly and effectively.
Even if due to inadequate rainfall, there is a marginal decline in agriculture production, stocks in the Central pool are adequate to meet any exigency he added.
Every five years, as India heads for general elections, the issue sprints into the spotlight and just as quickly retreats as the polls are done with and the exigency of the moment dissipates into the minutiae of everyday governance.
The drill comes as part of the ongoing training and preparation of BDF battalions and units to cope with various exigency conditions in addition to developing techniques followed in the process of boosting combat readiness and preparedness and coordination of joint efforts between the relevant bodies.
ISLAMABAD -- Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Syeda Shehla Raza said that exigency efforts are being made to provide maximum relief to the people affected by rain.
SAI director general Jiji Thomson said the move was an " administrative exigency and a necessity.
A police spokesman said, "Units set up by the government to tackle any exigency have launched operations to assess any damage and conduct rescue operations, if needed".
The Commission has further directed that in case of any exigency of service, prior approval of the Commission shall be obtained before any posting/transfer of any officer/official mentioned above is made.
The Vancouver School of Theology (VST), an ecumenical theological institution in British Columbia with more than too years of history, is no longer in a state of financial exigency, its board of governors has announced.
IN FEBRUARY, the Vancouver School of Theology ended its state of financial exigency, a step it took last year in order to make some deep cuts to its operating expenses.
However, one issue that lacks a clear consensus is when and under what circumstances police are permitted to rely upon the exigent circumstances exception to the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement when their actions may have caused the exigency.
The rules released Wednesday give several scenarios that allow districts to claim financial exigency - but they are so rigorous that it's likely that only a small number of districts will actually meet the any of the standards, says Jackie Lain, an associate executive director at the Texas Association of School Boards.