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Additional activities--to address other events which arise out of the deployment provided that the employer and employee agree that such leave shall qualify as an exigency, and agree to both the timing and duration of the leave.
The VST board declared a state of financial exigency in January 2012.
18) If so, they would be prevented from relying on the resulting exigency to justify the warrantless entry.
Before SB8 there weren't any standards for declaring financial exigency and the bill required the commissioner to adopt minimum standards," says Janice Hollingsworth, who is the interim director of the agency's financial audit division.
Others advertised their wares by relating IMF as an exigency to follow up on their offer of goods and services.
The agency may cut the ratings if the company's business levels do not scale up as expected, the company undertakes a further debt-funded capital expenditure (capex) programme, preventing the envisaged gradual improvement in its financial risk profile, or if the promoters do not support the company in case of exigency.
Accountability system: a) Task explicitness: outcome, situation, criteria-form, criteria-product and combination; b) Exigency type: participation/ effort, quality of performance, and without exigency and c) Coach's reaction to accomplishment tasks: punishment, encouragement and no reaction.
The seven new forms include: a general notice workplace poster; three different certifications for serious health condition (of the employee, a family member, or military member, whichever is appropriate); notice of FMLA eligibility, rights and responsibilities (which notice employers must give to employees when they request leave); a designation notice (on which the employer can tell the employee whether the leave actually is designated as FMLA leave or not); and a certification of qualifying exigency.
With approved federal regulations published in November 2008, DOL has now defined the term qualifying exigency by providing a non-exhaustive list of the types of circumstances that will qualify.
Because good proactive police work often creates exigencies, the legal issue is not simply whether the police created the exigency, but whether the police impermissibly created the exigency.
The court stated that while a "mild exigency" sufficiently justifies an unannounced entry where no property is damaged, if the government is going to damage property during the entry, more than a mild exigency is required.
Consequently, a court that requires an additional emergency to augment the exigency of hot pursuit rarely would allow police to make a warrantless entry to arrest a suspect for a nondangerous misdemeanor.