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For the consequence is that, as things now are, we Males have to lead a kind of bi-lingual, and I may almost say bi-mental, existence.
You know of course that a mathematical line, a line of thickness NIL, has no real existence.
Should we have the same presentiments if our existences did not touch at the heart?
The instant that he was aware of the possibility of approaching Beatrice, it seemed an absolute necessity of his existence to do so.
These three beings loved each other too well for the externals of existence to be of value in their eyes.
As he pressed forward he became conscious that his way was haunted by invisible existences whom he could not definitely figure to his mind.
The subjective was converted by him into an objective; the mental phenomenon of the association of ideas (compare Phaedo) became a real chain of existences.
She had even the right to go out of existence without considering anyone's feelings or convenience since some women's existences were made impossible by the shortsighted baseness of men.
And this is the dissolution:-- In plants that grow in the earth, as well as in animals that move on the earth's surface, fertility and sterility of soul and body occur when the circumferences of the circles of each are completed, which in short-lived existences pass over a short space, and in long-lived ones over a long space.
And it was offensive to her mind that, real or illusion, the presence or the memorized existences of her father and mother should he touched by these two persons who were practically strangers--Mrs.
she repeated, and then read out the words, "Unstained, lofty, and solitary existences.
Nevertheless, to speak paradoxically, the existence of insignificant people has very important consequences in the world.