existing conditions

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Scalable from site to city, and with precision limited only by the quantity and quality of photography, Acute3D technology can assure that existing conditions are contemporaneously considered throughout the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations of any infrastructure asset.
OMA buildings pose a physical challenge to the existing conditions of rhetoric.
The study reports on: (1) what physical configurations of educational technology can best accommodate different and evolving methods of integrating computers into the curriculum; (2) what configurations existing classrooms can support with regard to space, equipment location, and electrical power; and (3) what configurations will be most cost effective and workable with existing conditions.
The auditor considers existing conditions, obtains evidence about those conditions and evaluates whether the evidence corroborates or conflicts with managements conclusions about the existence of an other-than-temporary impairment for a particular investment it holds.
To satisfy cost constraints, HDI reused many existing conditions, such as the 14' flat plaster ceilings, some perimeter walls and mirrored columns.
When you look at the existing conditions, it's ripe for redevelopment,'' said Jerry Pollak of the AIA-San Fernando Valley, which helped draw up a municipal blueprint for the turnaround of Panorama City.
Auditors have a duty to assess whether existing conditions raise substantial doubt about an entity's ability to remain a going concern.
Building managers must closely inspect the existing conditions to determine if work needs to be performed prior to attaching the materials.
Creating an LMP usually begins with a site analysis and an inventory of existing conditions.
In April 2004, as part of its compliance with NHPA, the LMDC made a legal commitment to consult with the National Park Service about documenting existing conditions and historic remains at the World Trade Center site by the end of June.
Following a labor-intensive lot-by-lot analysis of existing buildings in the area, City Planning proposes to rezone neighborhoods with new designations that most closely match the existing conditions.