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12, Florida Statutes (2006), which requires courts to inquire into the existence of physical evidence containing DNA that could exonerate a defendant prior to accepting a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to a felony.
And Cook County jurors were quick to exonerate, "no bill" (that is, not return a bill of indictment at the grand jury proceeding), and acquit killers, even those found glowering over their victims, gun--or hammer--in hand.
WORST: ``Justice'' (Fox, already debuted) is a tired legal drama about a high-powered law team striving to exonerate loathsome dirtbags.
The GTC, which also handles far more serious cases involving professional incompetence and former criminal convictions, had the ability to exonerate Mrs Partridge-which they have done - or to give her a reprimand, a temporary suspension or, in the worse cases, ban her from teaching in a state school.
Nevertheless, she says, it's too early to convincingly pin blame for prostate cancers on specific chemicals or to exonerate other chemicals.
He says: "In my view Iraq still has a chance to exonerate itself but time is critical.
A charge-off enables the firm that you owe to get a tax break by claiming a loss; it doesn't exonerate you from the debt.
Jaskot has nonetheless put another nail in the coffin of Leon Krier's extraordinary attempt to exonerate the Nazi monuments by removing them from their political context.
1] Evidence retained in adjudicated cases may exonerate an individual accused wrongly and identify the true perpetrator.
Coderre said he believes the majority of parliament members will vote for the bill to exonerate the Metis leader.
Anusha Rehman said that how chief commissioner can exonerate operators from tax and FBR showed criminal negligence in this regard which is very unfortunate.
It seeks to exonerate the provincial-bourgeois-Liberals from the accusation of being proto-fascists or volkisch-nationalists, and explain the dual nature of German Liberalism and National Socialism before 1933.