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Mohammad Shafiq surveyor EM-I, CDA has been exonerated from charges on September 07,2017 in case No.
Knox and her then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were convicted of the murder of Kercher in Italy but were later exonerated in March 2015 after a long legal battle.
Women make up about 11 percent of the people convicted of violent crimes, but just 6 percent of those exonerated of violent crimes.
The production, which was a roaring success, was an intimate and thought-provoking insight into the true stories of six people who had been wrongly convicted of murder and other offences, placed on death row and later exonerated and freed.
Since 1973, nearly 8,500 defendants have been sentenced to death in the United States, and 138 of them have been exonerated," said Gross.
Three Iranian nationals who were sentenced to death in Malaysia, including a woman and two men, have been exonerated from the accusations against them due to the efforts made by the Iranian embassy in Malaysia and the foreign ministry and after hiring an attorney for them," the Foreign Ministry's Director-General for Iranian Expatriates' Affairs Seyed Kazzem Sajjadi told FNA on Saturday.
The court has also exonerated another accused Patwari Rizwan in this reference due to recovery of amount from him by NAB under plea bargain.
In 1989, Gary Dotson became the first person to be exonerated in the United States through the use of DNA evidence.
Lord Fraser's report concluded: "There appears to me to have been no breach of the ministerial code by Alex Salmond as First Minister and he should be wholly exonerated of any breach.
Mr Yates said he was "disappointed", adding: "I strongly deny any wrongdoing and I am completely confident that I will be exonerated.
Contaminated confessions, eyewitness misidentifications, flawed forensics--these are the subjects of the first three chapters of this investigation based on the first 250 people exonerated by DNA evidence.
Shahid Karim, who represented Aamir in the spot-fixing case in Doha, was confident that his client would be exonerated when the final decision is announced on February 5.