exorbitant interest

See: usury
References in classic literature ?
Then would you only do people a good turn in order to receive that exorbitant interest called gratitude?
I am supporting Stella Creasy because I very much admire her campaigning on the issue of payday lenders and exorbitant interest charges.
Mr Anil said many low-income workers lacked awareness about the risks involved in borrowing money at exorbitant interest.
These pawnbrokers, most of whom carry out their business from jewellery shops in gold markets, charge exorbitant interest rates and end up owning the pawned items in many cases.
Eight years ago, the Oregon Legislature dealt a welcome blow to payday lenders who were profiting from the plight of Oregon's working poor by offering loans carrying exorbitant interest rates that routinely exceeded 500 percent.
Many of the candidates raise the funds to meet the recruitment expenses by mortgaging property to moneylenders, who charge exorbitant interest.
Theresa Loftus, defending Mellor, of Mill Street, Toxteth, said she fell into debt after her benefits were stopped and she borrowed a small amount of money from loan sharks which quickly multiplied because of exorbitant interest rates.
Nasir Khan Durrani said that the practice of lending money illegally on exorbitant interest rates and the subsequent exploitation of the debtor by the loan "sharks" is one of the major social vices affecting the society presently.
But I had to take another loan of ` 10,000 from the money lender at an exorbitant interest rate of 10 per cent per month.
Payday loans giants | Wonga weren't satisfied enough with charging their customers exorbitant interest rates that trapped people in debt.
Their competitors promise same day funding, but that comes with exorbitant interest rates and in some cases hidden fees.
The Coast & Country loan deal saved me from ending up on the payday loan treadmill having to take out one payday loan after another to meet the exorbitant interest rates.