exorbitant interest

See: usury
References in classic literature ?
Then would you only do people a good turn in order to receive that exorbitant interest called gratitude?
The highly touted NCUA Payday Lending Alternative model is not an effective replacement for storefront short-term lenders that charge customers exorbitant interest rates, Nick Bourke, director of The Pew Charitable Trusts' consumer finance project said Monday.
The Consumer Bureau and congress have in the past understood the way that payday lenders structure loans to catch Americans in a cycle of debt with exorbitant interest rates.
We need to provide teachers with protection from companies and individuals who are victimizing them into taking out loans with exorbitant interest rates.
Borrowing on credit can be a huge temptation - equally it can herald the beginning of a downward cycle of misery with debt increasing at an alarming pace as exorbitant interest rates kick in.
Majority of the farmers (84%) are small landholders who rely on informal sector credit at exorbitant interest rates to meet their requirements as they are unable to provide collateral to banks.
The EMI Card comes with no hidden charges, and most importantly, payment is through No Cost EMIs - which means no more exorbitant interest.
Many moneylenders provide the loans at exorbitant interest rates that the farmers cannot pay after crop failures.
One of the three offenders - Scott Renny - had claimed the couple's son had borrowed PS50 and he was trying to charge an exorbitant interest rate.
She further advised that the first step to getting out of this kind of financial trap is by paying off the debt in order to get away from paying the exorbitant interest rates.
On the part of the borrower, the exorbitant interest rate is considered a bitter pill that they have to swallow to be able to fund their small business or enjoy the small pleasures of life.
The senate standing Committee on Finance has proposed to the government to legislate to bind banks to issue fresh currency notes to people as a strong mafia is active in the open market, selling the notes with exorbitant interest rates.