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It is a shame that despite charging exorbitantly, many taxi corporations fail to provide quality service to their clients.
Latest media reports that suggest a rebound in Dubai's real estate market might encourage landlords to exploit the situation by raising rents exorbitantly high.
Tim Ekandjo, chief human capital and corporate affairs officer criticised the rights holders for setting "unrealistic and exorbitantly high prices which struggling public broadcasters are not able to afford.
Furthermore, continuous price hikes of petroleum products, electricity and gas tariff have increased the cost of production exorbitantly throwing the industry and the exports in the battle of survival.
Only a few exorbitantly paid workers, like bankers and bin men, can truly afford to lavish cash on plastic flowers, awful restaurant meals and cheap thrills at the local Travelodge.
The ruling strength in this country comprises the people with property and money - for example, the top 2% together with the commercial and industrial leaders, including the banks paying senior executives exorbitantly high bonuses, surviving off the backs of clients like leeches with the blessings of thisWestminster Con-Dem Government.
The project has been criticised as being exorbitantly expensive for an infrastructure project that would see just eight minutes shaved off the travelling time between Paphos.
Unsympathetic to the pleas of her long-time tenants, during the property boom she increased rents to exorbitantly high rates and demanded the entire sum be paid up front.
While the debate continues, the AKP is implementing policies to make alcohol exorbitantly expensive and therefore out of reach for many Turks.
In a market dominated by Sony and Sega, the Pippin was exorbitantly priced.
When Sunday mudslides destroyed the railway, the only land transportation into Machu Picchu Pueblo, many hotels and restaurants raised prices exorbitantly - separating wealthier tourists who could afford to pay extra from those who spent days sleeping in train cars and waiting for delayed food shipments.
A recent small holder farmer's conference organized by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Strengthening Support Capacity for Enhanced Market Access and Knowledge (SCAPEMA) held in Kampala, attributed unstable coffee trends to government's failure to control middlemen exploiting farmers by buying the product at low prices before re-selling it to non-licensed traders at exorbitantly high prices.