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Siemons has been driving exotic cars since he was 17 and buying them for the Hollywood crowd (and himself) for more than 30 years.
For buyers using exotic mortgage packages to stretch themselves to the maximum financially in order to acquire a home, real estate bubble believers question what will happen if rates climb higher or quicker than expected.
Consequently many exotic pets suffer terribly or get dumped when no longer wanted.
For most of our exotic arrangements clients are paying $100, $300, $500," says Queeley.
Robbins' Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris is difficult to classify.
A report by the RSPCA found many pet shops selling exotic animals were unable to give sufficient help or advice to prospective owners.
Is it a fad, or an unscrupulous plot against favorite exotic ornamentals like privet or barberry, or perhaps a revelation borne from scrutinizing eyes on the workings of our natural world?
This is the first paper that looks at the response of a native plant to exotic, invasive earthworms," says Gundale.
Both freshwater and estuarine exotic (non-native) fish species impact small souther California coastal lagoons.
Aside from the visual pleasures of wildflowers and replacing exotic turf with the blues, reds and bronzes of native grasses, natural vegetation holds a number of practical benefits as well.
A MAN has been banned from keeping exotic animals for two years after he pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an iguana.
EXOTIC plants have gained a stronghold along the edges of many native vegetation reserves in urban areas.