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While applauding the opportunity to expand coverage, some policy makers are concerned about the impact of reducing health care benefits for such a large population in order to pay for continued expansions.
Finally, there is concern that some may not use the savings to improve or expand coverage, but instead divert it to other programs.
West Valley Regional: Renovate and expand 41-year-old, 12,496- square-foot building into 14,500-square-foot building and expand parking at 19036 Vanowen St.
Expand Networks has experienced strong channel demand for Compass since the January launch coming from existing partners, which include Emergent Online and Dimension Data, as well as new ones joining the program such as Syscom (USA) Inc.
The Expand Compass platform has made it very easy for us to migrate to new hardware platforms in order to leverage its complete set of rich WAN services.
Expand Networks created the Accelerator 7940 based on the demands of the market," said Amir Chitayat, president, Expand Networks.
Recognizing that IT organizations face the challenge of simplifying their infrastructure while supporting globalization through improved remote office productivity, Expand Networks (www.
At Storage Networking World DiskSites, an innovator in optimizing the delivery of applications to distributed organizations, today announced that Expand Networks, a leader in Application Acceleration over the WAN, has chosen to OEM DiskSites product line.
It expands our product offering, further diversifies our customer base and business mix, extends our reach in many new markets, and it is a perfect complement to our North America-based expanded metal operations.