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To date, AeroForm tissue expanders using this microvalve have been implanted in 98 patients in the U.
The only extra component added to the system is an expander for power conversion.
9 The main issue of use of expander for reconstruction is high cost.
In the pressure-regulating station, the expander is coupled directly to a generator and placed in parallel with the regulating valve.
12 A conventional tissue expander is comprised of three basic parts i) an elastic might silicone elastomer balloon ii) a connecting tube and iii) a self-sealing injection port.
The increase in the IMD was greater in individuals treated with the tooth-borne expander (7.
Media clients tell us that what makes the sticky note so sticky with advertisers is its ability to take over content in a more surprising way than an expander, but with similar benefits to the top-selling counterpart.
Expander balls are used because case necks vary in diameter, particularly between manufacturers.
In this paper a new mathematical model for simulating the p - [phi] indicator diagram describing the thermodynamic working process inside twin screw expander was proposed and verified with the experimental study.
Embedded computing products and solutions provider Astek Corporation (LSE:AKG) announced on Wednesday that its A33606-PCI SAS Expander stand-alone, add-in card is now available for system builders.
First, I found a 7/8" x 14" sizing die body with a suitably large enough case neck expander button to be reformed into a three-step expander.
As the efficiency of the expander evolves, the application of the expander certainly becomes one such pathway.