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Another requirement was expansibility, one of the major benefits of an open architecture system.
With its expansibility and flexible configuration, H38N series can deliver value-add service like currency exchange, utility payment, top-up payment, coin changes giving and ticket dispensing to extend banking channels.
At the same time, HIS has made high demands for the flexibility, interoperability and expansibility, especially the demands for regional medical treatment cooperation [12].
On the other hand, based on its open, strong expansibility and low cost, Linux gets more mobile terminal equipment manufacturers' approval.
With high performance, enhanced reliability and expansibility, TS-409 Pro outstands other entry-level models by its powerful features including hot-swappable HDD design, RAID 0/ 1/ 5/ 6/ 5+spare disk redundancy, Online RAID Capacity Expansion, Online RAID Level Migration, and abundant backup and security functions.
Technique evaluation includes complexity of technique and expansibility of technique; market evaluation includes significance of economy and activity of market circulation; Input-output evaluation includes turnover and effect on the environment; and corporation-situation evaluation includes competence and project management.
With the reconstruction of dual-way networks in cities across China in a couple of years, STB will be towards dual-way, high definition and expansibility.
With the advantages of stability, high effectiveness and expansibility, Primeton EOS5.
Huang Liuqing pointed out that component-oriented technology can help the governmental departments to increase the starting point of application systems; optimize the efficiency of application development; improve the operation process after the regrouping of governmental organizations; and increase the organization management and businesses processing ability, and thus achieve the goal of ''E-Government on Demand'' and promote the development efficiency, quality and expansibility of Internet- based application systems.