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The depth, duration and expansiveness of his relationships are very noteworthy," Perez added.
Instead, a seamlessly panoramic approach to the homepage design creates the sense of a wide, boundless vista, much like the expansiveness one experiences while gazing at the sky from the deck of a ship at sea.
I'd also like to think that the way we like to play football, our forward-thinking approach and the expansiveness in our game, attracts talented young players.
An early tale of adventure told with expansiveness and hope
David Bell also spends the entire novel seeking a resolution between diminishment and expansiveness, but the sexual antagonism and subtle sarcasm with which he responds to Incredible Shrinking Man announce that he is incapable of effecting the kind of break with rationalist dualism that Incredible Shrinking Man represents.
Although the couple's lot measures just 17 by 20 feet, Mulrooney established a feeling of expansiveness by creating distinct living areas in two corners of the garden and planting the other two corners, then linking all areas with paths.
America's expansiveness, intrusiveness, and tendency toward political, economic, and strategic dominance are not some aberration from our true nature.
The expansiveness of these voids is in contrast to Pinos's minute planning of stairwell, lift and both male and female bathrooms in the triangular, almost boomerang-shaped towers.
When we returned to the actual score, playing it as written, she was able to transfer to it the qualities of expansiveness, freedom and clarity she experienced during the exercise.
He favored brisk tempi and grand musical gestures while always remaining sensitive to the expansiveness of the music and the points of repose.
Because Watt argues that the novel of formal realism features a specific selection of elements embedded in a particular kind of ordering structure, I often recruit the structuralist premises of paradigmatic and syntagmatic relations to help students comprehend the potential expansiveness of his theoretical design.