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And here I will digress a moment to make a single remark on a subject of which popular feeling, in America, under the influence of popular habits, is apt to take an exparte view.
Justice Noor ul Haq N Qureshi has remarked " court will proceed exparte if detailed report on cases registered against Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi is not filed by federation.
On Thursday, the BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel, in a letter to the RCA dated September 13, said that the disciplinary committee, at its meeting held on September 9, expressed " dissatisfaction" with the RCA's reply and passed " exparte proceedings" against it.
After the then Nakawa Chief Magistrate Deo Ssejjemba released an exparte injunctive order offering the landlord, Livingstone Kintu, vacant possession of the premises, Mavid, based at Kireka, was attached in 2010.
and our courts] are authorized and bound to punish"); Exparte dos Santos, 17 F.
Justice Peter Charleton granted Lambe and O'Connell exparte permission to bring their arguments before the court on Monday, hearings the Turf Club will also attend.
In 1807, Chief Justice Marshall reaffirmed this interpretation in Exparte Bollman 8 U.
Although inspection warrants may be obtained on an exparte basis, where the company has identified that it is represented by legal counsel and stated a legal objection to the inspection conduct, the company may participate in the warrant process or subsequently move to quash the warrant.
223) He rejected Padilla's argument under Exparte Milligan that because the civil courts were open and unobstructed Padilla must be tried in civil court.
The court taking exparte action dismissed the petition.
49) When the offender is exparte but has full knowledge of the stay in violating it, then the action is considered "in contempt of the power and the dignity of the court," and contempt charges may follow.
When a trial court judge: a) "has permitted and considered an exparte communication thereby given an appearance of impropriety.