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At the first landing you run up against a pail and a broom, whereupon "mother" expatiates upon the unreliability of servant-girls, and bawls over the balusters for Sarah to come and take them away at once.
He expatiates on Mr Venus's patient habits and delicate manipulation; on his skill in piecing little things together; on his knowledge of various tissues and textures; on the likelihood of small indications leading him on to the discovery of great concealments.
Rosensaft, general counsel and vice-president of the WJC, called Elan a renaissance man who could expatiate on history, philosophy, sports, and a dozen other disparate subjects and bring them all to bear upon dealing with the famous and the infamous in his brilliant negotiations on behalf of the Jewish people.
Cordelia's refusal in King Lear to expatiate on her love and pander to her fathers need for flattery is a prominent expression of the incommensurability of inner and outer worlds, of things physical and psychological, a powerful instance of how emotion and communication do not neatly line up together but instead respond to their own rhythms and laws.
The President said that there was great potential of further increasing the foreign remittance, which could cross the 15 billion dollars a year mark if the expatiate Pakistanis were offered adequate incentives.
3) 'Communications of unreserved friendship' (I, 17), the letters expatiate over a range of private as well as public matters, expressing views on marriage, the education of both sexes, philanthropy, the cult of sensibility and national differences, as well as news on daily events, fashion and the progress of their friends' amours.
The early chapters viciously expatiate on North America's love-hate relationship with knowledge, where Dubya, Rush Limbaugh et al.
From his mighty bulk the whale affords a most congenial theme whereon to enlarge, amplify, and generally expatiate.
Kirkpatrick the cover and 8,000 words in October to expatiate on "The Evangelical Crackup.
of athletic training upon which I am uniquely unqualified to expatiate,
I will expatiate the position further on my egestion theory with one analogy as an applied biologist.
Gardener and priest also show or expatiate on the importance of the timing: never too early.