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A mere hope, based upon no direct provision, promise, or trust. An expectancy is the possibility of receiving a thing, rather than having a vested interest in it.

The term has been applied to situations where an individual hopes and expects to receive something, generally property or money, but has no founded assurance of possession. A person named in a will as an heir has only an expectancy to inherit under the will, since there exists a possibility that the will may be altered so as to disinherit him or her.


n. a possibility of future enjoyment of something one counts on receiving, usually referring to real property or the estate of a deceased person, such as a remainder, reversion, or distribution after the death of someone who has use for life. (See: remainder, reversion, distribution)

See: claim, expectation, likelihood, outlook, possibility, prospect, remainder, right

EXPECTANCY, estates. Having a relation to or dependence upon something future.
     2. Estates are of two sorts, either in possession, sometimes called estates executed; or in expectancy, which are executory. Expectancies are, first, created by the parties, called a remainder; or by act of law, called a reversion.
     3. A bargain in relation to an expectancy is, in general, considered invalid. 2 Ves. 157; Sel. Cas. in Ch. 8; 1 Bro. C. C. 10; Jer. Eq. Jur. 397.

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The UK ranks global average expectancy All have average life expectancies of 57.
Those with lowest life expectancies include Angola, Central African Republic, Chad, Lesotho, Cote D'Ivoire, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Cameroon.
The difference in life expectancies reported by the 3 firms, Best said, ranged from 8 months to as many as 24.
If I were living in parts of the country with those sorts of life expectancies, I would want .
Among those who try to sell their life policies, 60% have life expectancies from six to 12 years.
For students with high alcohol use expectancies, high studying expectancies were associated with fewer perceived drinking problems than were low studying expectancies.
In short, we see not only the potential power of educational expectancies as they are enacted within and across varying contexts over the life course, but, perhaps more importantly, the book reveals the value of applying a contextualist perspective to study the individually-based behaviors and beliefs of both teachers and students.
If both life expectancies are recalculated, in computing the 2000 required distribution Arnie would use the joint life expectancy for 72 and 65-22.
But with life expectancies increasing, cash settlements for people with AIDS are decreasing: Whereas settlements of 80% to 90% of the value of a life insurance policy were common two or three years ago, today the average figure is closer to 50% or 60%.
life expectancies much above the current average of about 75 years.
Life-Exchange significantly streamlines the life expectancy ordering process by allowing both brokers and providers to order life expectancies from within their online trading platform through a single click.
LIFE EXPECTANCIES in developed nations are expected to keep heading toward the century mark, though such gains appear to be lagging behind in the U.