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EXPECTANT. Having relation to, or depending upon something; this word is frequently used in connexion with fee, as fee expectant.

References in classic literature ?
She looked at him expectantly, as if between them they were decorating a small figure of herself, and she saw him hesitating in the disposition of some bow or sash.
Vincy, obliged to reply, as the old lady turned to her expectantly.
She also said she would give him a kiss if he liked, but Peter did not know what she meant, and he held out his hand expectantly.
David, who had by this time broken my connection with the head office, crossed to his mother expectantly.
He put the piglets safely away in his pocket again and then he and Zeb got into the buggy and sat expectantly upon the seat.
Then the company seated themselves in chairs and on sofas and looked expectantly at their monarch.
The man who had accused De Coude, and the two others who had been playing, stood looking expectantly at the count.
Her eyes leaped up to his expectantly, and the color streamed into her cheeks.
Ruth looked expectantly at Martin, as if waiting for him to change his judgment.
Then he would cast a glance of fear at the wolf-circle drawn expectantly about him, and like a blow the realisation would strike him that this wonderful body of his, this living flesh, was no more than so much meat, a quest of ravenous animals, to be torn and slashed by their hungry fangs, to be sustenance to them as the moose and the rabbit had often been sustenance to him.
Pete, in a white jacket, was behind the bar bending expectantly toward a quiet stranger.
The Speaker rapped for order and glanced expectantly at the officers in the doorways.