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With this acquisition, we are in a good position to ensure continuity for the manufacturing of the Expedience technology while developing a solid roadmap for its future.
CN Tetragen acquired the complete Expedience portfolio, assets, and the active customer and supplier contracts.
7 March 2012 - Finland-based Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) said on Wednesday it had sold its proprietary, fixed-wireless broadband business Expedience to Spanish technology holding CN Tetragen, without revealing the value of the deal.
Unlike some other areas - most notably Leeds - the debate around Tynesides has been positive rather than scaremongering or using emotional imagery to make a point It is to be hoped any decision on closure is made on facts, figures, reputation and location rather than political expedience.
Community and environment have yet again been treated with contempt by decision makers in favour of money and expedience.
The competition, she said, will enable ten to expedience entrepreneurship firsthand.
Even the highly-respected Vince Cable has been badly tarnished as he sacrifices cherished beliefs in the interests of expedience.
You can only question the Sun's motives, which clearly have nothing to do with sorrow or sincerity but all to do with political expedience.
But what started as expedience transformed rather quickly on the evolutionary scale to a true kindred partnership.
Motorola said that, prior to launching Clear mobile WiMAX service in Baltimore and Portland, Clearwire's pre-WiMAX customers have been enjoying wireless broadband access in 46 markets throughout the US using Motorola's Expedience devices and infrastructure.
Any government cash for Halewood should not be viewed as a panic measure allied to political expedience.