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s Expedience system or other products will achieve any degree of market acceptance, have any impact on how people connect to the internet, or provide NextNet Wireless Inc.
You can't just steamroll issues through for the sake of expedience.
6- The Parties are convinced of the expedience for taking measures in promotion of investment of state and private enterprises, considering that such investments are the most important and substantial factor in development of long term bilateral economic relations.
Caption: Sample EPD illustrates expedience of Command Alkon data and Climate Earth data links.
It is important for us to get right how to protect ourselves from those who would do us harm and to extradite wrong doers and there is improvement needed in our procedures for doing so and parliament should be able to express our collective will on such matters but I am afraid we have seen how what government sees as expedience for party political benefit stands in the way.
Of course, we know that many companies, either because of tradition or expedience, remain siloed enough that their departments are unwilling or unable to cede the management of their specific risks to an outsider.
Offering an alternative to the fast or trend lead expedience, and inviting guests to come in and enjoy the quality and timelessness.
He had faults as do we all and on occasions had to use political expedience to get his own way.
The answer is simply that it's political expedience.
Fox brings with her nearly 10 years of residential and corporate interior design expedience.
Meanwhile, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Marzieh Afkham said that Tehran's position is that the security pact is not useful for the long-term expedience and interests of Afghanistan and could have a negative impact on regional issues.
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran does not consider the signing and approval of the pact useful for the long term expedience and interests of Afghanistan.