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Expedient is a cloud computing and data center infrastructure as a service provider (IaaS) with local operations in Pittsburgh, PA; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Indianapolis, IN and Memphis, TN.
The Expedient center will be constructed in phases, with the first likely to be finished in 2015.
ETSL managing director Malcolm Atkinson, who formed the company in 2003, said: "The framework contract award by National Grid comes on top of what has been a very successful year for Expedient.
It is one thing having the sort of reputation Expedient has built up, but quite another when misinformation means that administrators book the first course that jumps out of Yellow Pages.
The process uses liquid nitrogen, high speed rotation and media (shot blast) in varying combinations to remove the flash in a highly precise, economical and expedient manner, according to the literature.
A runaway defense budget, responding to widespread perception of military inadequacies by the usual government expedient of throwing money at the problem.
The 13-stop busway from North Hollywood to Warner Center offers what is designed to be a more expedient, less stressful trip to work for many.
Our products are reliable and easy-to-use and our services are insightful, expedient and reasonably priced.
The narrative follows the adventures of Rebecca and Doug as they are passed off to their Uncle Fitzroy MacKenzie, captain of the oceanographic research ship Expedient.
Drugs based on chemicals from the dotted dalea and the Mojave dalea may offer a cheaper, safer, and more expedient alternative to the costly and sometimes nephrotoxic drugs currently used to treat the diseases.
As always, Sierra's extensive parts inventory and commitment to customer satisfaction ensures expedient servicing.
Gradually, with scenes redrawn, truncated, or eliminated so as to project a more politically expedient story, the two editions get further and further out of sync.