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This inquiry should take place as expediently as possible; the financial details of the agreement have no bearing on the planning issues, and should not be allowed to impede the progress of a democratic hearing.
Adept at successfully & expediently moving permits through the permitting process.
Of course, uninformed commentators from far and wide have had lots of input, but they too have expediently misinterpreted.
We hope the settlement addresses all the significant aspects raised in the complaint and the state is in a position to proceed expediently with the task," Mr.
The company has built its reputation as an industry leader with policyholders and agents due to its strong record of approving and paying claims expediently and fairly.
The difficult chains of pirouettes and ballet hijinks, handled expediently by Brown, were the frosting on a sweet and sassy cake.
A Reliance spokesman said: "I confirm that a lock was not working and the maintenance contractor was called in to rectify the problem as expediently as possible
Use index funds to meet this guiding principle of asset allocation easily and expediently.
Call centres are a scourge of modern commercial life, a twenty-first-century version of the mill or factory to be built as cheaply and expediently as possible.
Transferring patients expediently should be feasible in any major city, he says, but "we have a long ways to go as a country.
Residents' days are creatively scheduled so caregivers can complete their tasks expediently.
These individuals are charged with preparing each issue carefully and expediently so that articles, editorials, reviews, case reports, and letters are published correctly and in a timely fashion.