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His concern with this type of re-characterization relates to its potential impact on the expeditiousness of the proceedings.
The ICC's first trials have already generated a rich and interesting jurisprudence, and I will focus in particular on Trial Chamber rulings that affected the fairness and expeditiousness of the proceedings.
The Chamber considers that, as a matter of fairness and expeditiousness of the proceedings, only distinct crimes may justify a cumulative charging approach and, ultimately, be confirmed as charges.
Judges facing increasingly crowded dockets have no choice but to be concerned with efficiency and expeditiousness.
These units function in coordination with each other in order to ensure the objectives of safety and expeditiousness.
Debra Weinstein, Note and Recent Development, Defining Expeditious: Uncharted Territory of the DMCA Safe Harbor Provision a Survey of What We Know and Do Not Know About the Expeditiousness of Service Provider Responses to Takedown Notifications, 26 CARDOZO ARTS & ENT.
The decision posted on the court's website cites the Pre-Trial Chamber I as saying that "it is appropriate, for the sake of expeditiousness and taking due account of the confidentiality issues, to decide only on the Prosecutor's request to issue a summons to appear for Abu Garda at this stage".