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The sun poured down its burning rays upon the heathen deities of marble and bronze: it raised the temperature of the water in the conch shells, and ripened, on the walls, those magnificent peaches, of which the king, fifty years later, spoke so regretfully, when, at Marly, on an occasion of a scarcity of the finer sorts of peaches being complained of, in the beautiful gardens there - gardens which had cost France double the amount that had been expended on Vaux - the
Thus will the surplus be constantly expended while labor does the work.
These great works will be the form their expenditure of the surplus will take, and in the same way that the ruling classes of Egypt of long ago expended the surplus they robbed from the people by the building of temples and pyramids.
Nevertheless, these valiant artillerists took no particular account of these little facts, and felt justly proud when the despatches of a battle returned the number of victims at ten-fold the quantity of projectiles expended.
Tom had two abettors, in the shape of a couple of old boys, Noah and Benjamin by name, who defended him from Charity, and expended much time upon his education.
Her breath was, however, expended in vain; for, although distinguished in her nation as a proficient in the art of abuse, she was permitted to work herself into such a fury as actually to foam at the mouth, without causing a muscle to vibrate in the motionless figure of the stranger.
However Supreme Court had not given waiver of audit of the expended sum.
Summary: Sidon MP Bahia Hariri voiced hope that students would take their official exams without disruption this year, stressing that the effort expended by teachers and students during the academic year must not be in vain.
The Official Receiver has been unable to determine how the monies were expended or to satisfy himself that these sums were expended for legitimate business purposes," it says.
Market players say since around 100 billion yen of the amount is booked for reasons other than market interventions, the amount expended by Japanese monetary authorities for Thursday's action is estimated at about 4.