expenditure of energy

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But Hugh was as nimble, strong, and swift of foot, as any man in broad England, and it was but a fruitless expenditure of energy, for he had her in his encircling arms again before she had gone a hundred yards.
Similarly, it requires only a very slight expenditure of energy to send a post-card with the words "All is discovered; fly
In 1852 he was reelected to Parliament at Edinburgh, but ill-health resulting from his long-continued excessive expenditure of energy warned him that he had not long to live.
He played constantly with a little green stone attached to his watch-chain, thus displaying long and very sensitive fingers, and had a habit of moving his head hither and thither very quickly without altering the position of his large and rather corpulent body, so that he seemed to be providing himself incessantly with food for amusement and reflection with the least possible expenditure of energy.
The whole body strains, and the expenditure of energy goes to these small details.
Budget estimates for current revenue expenditure of energy department are estimated at Rs 26.
Transcutaneous systems are designed to eliminate the skin-to-socket interface and avoid common prosthetic complications, such as soft tissue irritation, sores, infections and joint pain, while reducing the extra expenditure of energy the patient must exert in order to walk.
One of the principles of environmentally benign chemistry is to perform processes with the least expenditure of energy, and to that end, Brahmachari describes processes of organic synthesis that do not require elevated temperatures or even microwave or ultrasound.
However, it is one thing to fill a break while some scores are being tallied and quite another to perform for an hour and a half at the same blistering pace with such an expenditure of energy - and all the while keeping an expectant audience onside.
However, this leads us to the consideration whether a one to 160,000 chance is worth such gigantic expenditure of energy and money that mass inoculation must involve.
The new Boge nitrogen generators enable users to select the power, nitrogen output and purity level while using low volumes of compressed air so the needs of the customer are met with minimal expenditure of energy.
And with the knowledge of what wonderful gatherers these youngsters are, the Lord Mayor is not going to allow this expenditure of energy to be wasted.