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195's and 709's treatment of start-up expenditures and organizational expenditures.
The Court of Claims held the company could deduct the expenditures currently since they (1) had not appreciably increased the value of the building, (2) were only a small percentage of the building's value, (3) had not substantially increased the building's useful life and (4) had not allowed the company to use the building in a different way.
On the matter of independent expenditures, which benefit candidates but are raised without their involvement, Padilla and Miscikowski endorsed measures intended to give a leg up to candidates who don't receive such aid.
This letter hence supplements the Institute's previous submission on March 20, 1996, in response to Notice 96-7, as well as a letter dated November 6, 1996, to Treasury Secretary Rubin urging the issuance of public guidance confirming the deductibility of asbestos remediation expenditures.
Although payments for certain "high-priced" procedural services would be decreased by the new fee schedule, RBRVS itself includes no mechanism for containment of the quality of services lrovided or for direct control of total expenditures.
Most studies of consumption behavior, including most studies of the consumption of clothing, investigate expenditures at the household level.
Burlington reports that based on its actual capital requirements, the pace of regulatory approvals, the mix of projects and swings in the price of natural gas, the actual capital expenditures for 2007 could range from $20 million to $50 million.
It requires the entity to recover part or all of the expenditure when possible, establish safeguards to prevent future political expenditures and take any corrective action that it prescribes, by the earlier of the date that it assessed the tax or mailed a deficiency notice.
6 million in questionable expenditures by two former foster-care contractors including payment of debts at Las Vegas casinos.
The government argued the expenditures were capitalizable under Indopco.
The Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service have been reviewing whether asbestos abatement expenditures may be deducted currently or must be capitalized.
In addition to reporting the numerical information discussed in some detail below, the May 3 news release from DHHS played the growth rate in total health care expenditures heavily: