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Not surprisingly, despite the overall success of the community projects, there was wide variability in the extent of practical problems experienced by different student groups.
According to one of the chroniclers, "The first time I experienced this, I saw a shadow of a moving figure, arms outstretched, and I was absolutely sure it was supernatural and evil.
It is noteworthy that some individuals apparently had never experienced flow while playing their instrument.
But I do regret that he did not consider those thinkers focused on the way in which technology has transformed the nature of objects experienced, as well as that of the subjects who experience them.
The Sexual Experiences Survey, a commonly used instrument, measured sexual violence and unwanted sexual experiences in the past 12 months and over participants' lifetimes; women were classified as having experienced no victimization, unwanted sexual contact (touching or kissing without permission), rape or attempted rape (using force, alcohol, drugs or position of power), or verbal sexual coercion (being talked or pressured into unwanted sexual intercourse).
It is unknown, of course, whether the interns who responded had experienced more, fewer, or different challenges and difficulties than those who did not respond.
It was quite different from anything I had ever experienced, and it was very interesting for me to observe interactions among people and the dynamics in the room.
An experienced and effective generalist in the industry can command anywhere from $300 to $500 per hour for his experience.
when I realize (when you realize) that a relationship, a touching, an intimacy--which is experienced by me (or you) as grace-giving and filled with love--is for another Christian, equally devout, an act of great sin and offence?
Need an experienced advisor to help you through tough management situations or key decision points in your career?
In the context of the mystical experience, this "light of life" or "light of wisdom" is that inner pristine awareness which, when experienced by itself, free from the boundaries and limitations of thought, awakens the mental faculties that make possible the realization of the Divine.

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