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Cross-linguistically, the typology of emotion idioms can be sketched along a semantic criterion, the meaning conveyed by a verbal idiom, as a whole, and a syntactic criterion, the position occupied by the Experiencer argument in the structure of the idiom.
One of the 12 SAE features postulated by Haspelmath (2001), namely "a preponderance of generalizing predicates to encode experiencers" (2001:1492-1510), assumes that Experiencers appear as surface Subjects in NOM case in the SAE languages.
The most interesting observations to come from this study are the importance of nominative (subject) predication in Old Avestan nominal transitivity and, in the light of comparative evidence, the identification of three nouns with accusative experiencers.
Similarly to description-imagery, the situation of the reader is a communicative one rather than one of a direct (referential) experiencer.
Experiencer is another strong fashion involvement indicator ([beta] = .
Site-specific performance's reliance on experiencers in the creation of meaning also impacts the form's socio-political potential.
This event usually has over 20 Speakers, a Film Festival, tons of vendors as well as experiencer sessions.
As Loureiro Porto points out, not only is tharf inclined to sentential themes, particularly bare infinitives (including passive ones), unlike betharf, for which NPs are the preferred theme, but also to nominative experiencers, two clear signs of auxiliarization.
By 2005, more than 55 researchers or research teams on four continents had published more than 65 studies involving almost 3,500 near-death experiencers (NDErs).
LAT can mark (i) addresses, (ii) objects of visual perception, (iii) some experiencers, (iv) recipients, and (v) in Tsez also beneficiaries.
Designed for pioneering experiencers and trend-setting mobile professionals using Macintosh computers, the ScanSnap S300M adopts the Macintosh white and similar stylish features, so that the Fujitsu scanner would become part of the usersAE Macintosh collection both visually and functionally.
Similarly to possessive clauses, in clauses with allative experiencers the subject properties are distributed between two constituents.