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You can also see the outlines of this type of argument applied to experiencers in some of the work Jerome Tobacyk had done on belief in the paranormal, in a series of studies Harvey Irwin (1993) called the cognitive deficits approach to the study of belief in the paranormal.
Content analysis of anomalous experience narratives should reveal high incidence of belief because some experiencers are hypothesized to gain belief as a result of their perceptions.
These four types of learning styles or ways of perceiving are: abstract conceptualizers, active experimenters, concrete experiencers, and reflective observers.
It makes philosophic good sense that we are individual world experiencers and worldly actors.
Given that Experiencers are not specific to three-participant verbs but also occur as participants of verbs with only two participants, their linking is not discussed in detail in the present article because of its focus on three-place verbs.
9) In FDG, the Semantic Function Hierarchy has been reformulated and expanded with the missing category of Experiencers: Agent > Patient > Experiencer > Recipient > Beneficiary > Instrument (Hengeveld--Heesakkers 2004).
Chris Carter's cultic X Files well lampooned the pop-cultural status of the effect in a spring 1996 episode, "Jose Chung's From Outer Space," in which Chung, a famous though fictive nonfiction writer played by Charles Nelson Reilly, writes a book containing interview stories by FBI Agents Scully and Mulder, whose stories contain stories by UFO experiencers and teenaged abductees, whose stories contain stories by aliens and Men in Bl ack.
As noted above, near death experiencers have often reported that their entire life histories flashed before their eyes in incredible detail, suggesting that one purpose of the brain is to filter out memories not necessary for day-to-day existence.
German dative experiencers are not subjects; it is the nominative (stimulus) arguments in sentences with psych verbs that have the morphosyntactic properties of subjects, such as controlling coordination reduction or triggering agreement on the verb.
The eight segments are: Actualizers, Fulfilleds, Achievers, Experiencers, Belivers, Strivers, Makers, and Strugglers.
The grammatical packaging of experiencers in Ewe: a study in the semantics of syntax.