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A higher proportion of men were unemployed in the control group than in the experimental group, but no other differences in demographic characteristics were apparent by study group.
The experimental group received CBT for 10 minutes while no intervention was considered for control group.
The clinical study did not meet its original endpoint, which was that the experimental group lose at least 10 percent more excess weight than the control group.
Differences in ability were found in familiar outdoor environments--most of the experimental group preferred using a long cane, while most of the control group preferred being accompanied by a sighted person.
The experimental groups were divided into two sub-groups: auditory-translation experimental group and visual translation experimental group, with 30 participants for each.
Students in the experimental group received weekly text messages consisting of thought-provoking questions based on the unit of instruction for the week; students were required to respond to the question to receive full credit.
To be specific, the development of the assessment of the subjects taken by the experimental groups included the following fundamental characteristics:
The experimental group was trained to proficiency on the simulator and the control group was trained in the current standard fashion by performing a limited number of defined sinus surgery procedures.
Our hypothesis was superior gait and stair-climbing ability in the experimental group at the end of the intervention phase.

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