experimental method

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In a third 1956 work, Taguchi published the original version of his monumental work on experimental method.
Based on data obtained using the theoretical method and the experimental method used to capture the planetary gear sounds, results will be compared with the solutions obtained by using the virtual simulation of the product.
Now, in separate reports in the May OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY, the Mount Sinai team and a California physician describe using variations of the same experimental method to terminate one or more healthy fetuses in the first trimester of risky multifetal pregnancies.
The experimental method described here has sufficient precision to yield a combined relative standard uncertainty of 4%.
An experimental method of detecting abnormalities in blood vessel function may someday help physicians identify and treat people with very early coronary artery disease.
An experimental method using radioactively labeled cells todetect the early stages of transplant rejection may be practical as either a replacement or a supplement to current techniques that require a series of heart-muscle biopsies, according to a report in the April CIRCULATION.
Hoping to further this development, they present 36 chapters that collectively review basic definitions and concepts; compare the experimental method with other forms of political science analysis; review the contributions of experimental research in the areas of decision making, candidate evaluations and voting behavior, interpersonal relations, the politics of identity and ethnicity, institutions and behavior, and elite bargaining; and explore key methodological issues.
i) widen the use of and access to unique hydraulic and hydrodynamic research infrastructures in the EU; (ii)improve experimental methods to enhance hydraulic and hydrodynamic research and address the future challenges of climate change adaptation; and (iii) network with the experimental hydraulic and hydrodynamic research community throughout Europe and share knowledge and data with the wider scientific community
io is to provide scientists the ability to easily share experimental methods, including any improvements made to them.
As for why it took so long to tease out the true nature of magnetite, McDermott notes that experimental methods had to get ahead of what had been a satisfying chemical description.
Murphy's research focuses on the use of experimental methods to address environmental policy and natural resource management issues.
It said it had introduced improvements, including an extension to annexes in papers that detail experimental methods used in research, and using statistical advisors to check data.

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