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The results showed that the level of IRS-2, a protein that has previously been shown to mediate the effect of insulin, was impaired in tissues of the experimental model lacking A2bAR, causing higher concentrations of blood glucose.
In addition, both the postnatal and gestational exposure experimental models examined here showed that pesticide exposures during development increased vulnerability to subsequent pesticide exposures occurring later in life.
Total quantity or scope: Components in order to achieve the experimental model - Step 2 - according to specification
Gennarelli is trying to develop a reproducible experimental model of head injury in the boboon.
We propose a hypothesis to explain the association between daily fluctuations in ambient air pollution, especially airborne particles, and death rates that can be tested in an experimental model.
Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health propose an experimental model to test whether a key factor in vulnerability to air pollution--related health effects might be the body's homeostatic capacity, or ability to compensate internally for external stressors and maintain a stable internal environment [EHP 110:61-65].
In this issue, Gang Chen of the Department of Pediatrics and Human Development at Michigan State University and colleagues used an experimental model developed to test cancer-promoting chemicals to examine whether ELF-EMFs might play a role in cancer promotion [EHP 108:967-972].
The new research by Biogen Idec scientists on an experimental model of Parkinson's disease suggests that inhibiting the NgR1 pathway promotes dopaminergic cell survival in the substantia nigra region of the brain, increases dopamine levels in the affected areas of the brain, and improves behavioral response.
Advances in methodology and technology have led to this collection of 39 new protocols and reports of best practices for major new experimental model systems, including those for mammalian cells, basic biology, and the isolation and development of model experimental organisms.
In the experimental model, tumors were allowed to reach the size of approximately 200 mm3.
It is our goal to enable our customers to genetically manipulate the cell types they consider the best experimental model.
Tenders are invited for The choice of an organization to provide engineering services for integrated management of construction activities and technical supervision of construction at the site: "Creation of an experimental model of the network infrastructure node of the Republican information and educational environment using wireless broadband access and application of modern communication technologies of the IEEE802.

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