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For the experimental study of vibrations, the measurements were effectuated by placing a Bruel&Kjaer accelerometer on different elements of the machine, to record longitudinal, transversal and vertical vibrations.
The previously cited experimental study on these birds similarly demonstrated that larval infestations generally fail, and stated that "In fact, most of the introduced larvae died while attempting to feed on the pheasants" (3).
The experimental study of 2MW downwind-type floating wind turbine, 66kV floating power sub-station commenced today.
An experimental study regarding the model is presented in Section 3.
What appear to have be the keynote presentations discuss nano and micro mechanical measurement of interaction forces between solid surfaces; experimental study of electro-magneto-mechanical behavior of electromagnetic solids; and image processing for optical methods to analyze shape, deformation, stress, and strain.
Through an experimental study, this article quantifies the effect of the Bi-Sr interaction on the Al-Si eutectic reaction using thermal analysis to characterize solidification and metallography to characterize the resulting morphology of the Si phase.
Nevertheless, he applauds Weeks' work as the first experimental study of oxpeckers.
com) - NextBio today announced new features and content that give researchers and clinicians the ability to explore the world's largest resource of experimental study results with more ease and security using the NextBio data search, store and share engine.
Among specific topics are the further improvement of drift forecast at sea based on operational oceanographic systems, a numerical simulation of an oil spill in Istanbul strait, project planning and implementation in coastal and shoreline structures, and the experimental study of salty wind damage.

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