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253) While the relationship between victims and aid workers is not a new problem, participation re-emerges in this way as the central point of tension within a strategy based on experimentalism.
Piekut's approach is to study experimentalism as an "open-ended project" that "can reveal the unknown, the unnoticed, the extraordinary or the otherwise" (p.
As we shall see, for Shadwell, experimentalism ushers in the simultaneous depletion of sexual opportunities and personal wealth.
The experimentalism of Group 63 proposed to overturn literary
And indeed, the strained relationship between experimentalism and regionalism, southernness in particular, begs the question--why do the editors and poets represented here claim southernness?
Low-level political simulation methods, such as individual-based models and tracking of supply and demand, extend this new experimentalism into social dynamics.
Among the extras is an interview in which Puf Daddy Marty Krofft denies that the show is peppered with drug references but admits that it was a product of the across-the-board experimentalism of the age.
Shih has a good deal more to tell us about the varieties of Chinese responses to globalizing modernism, from the attraction of neotraditionalism to the erotic experimentalism of the Shanghai school.
Their first two albums Remedy and Rooty were a triumph for dance music experimentalism, House music with punk attitude, but they were also followers of the simple old adage, if people move to the music half the battle is already won.
Home experimentalism is a concept that people have been waiting for,' says Katharine Barrington of Homebase.
The economic experimentalism is interesting but misses the point of the way tribal societies evolved.
One such approach is evident from the very first pages, where Hollander highlights the importance of the Vita nuova and Dante's experimentalism by looking also at the poems that the author eventually did not include in his first major work; among those poems, one should certainly pay attention to the series of poems Dante exchanged with Dante da Maiano, in which casuistic love is analysed.

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