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While the avant garde poured scorn on anything outside its purview, experimentalists mostly welcomed Reich's work as they had Young and Riley.
The relations between theorists and experimentalists are the worst by far.
Experimentalist was only narrowly beaten at Newton Abbot last month.
Rosalind Franklin was a shy, sometimes misunderstood figure who joined the staff of researchers at King's college, London, where her pioneering work as a skilled experimentalist and X-ray crystallographer enabled Watson and Crick to make their breakthrough work.
Readers of experimentalist Robert Coover will find themselves in familiar territory with his newest story collection, A Child Again.
Find out if you're colour compatible by identifying your colour personality and your partner'sURBAN EXPERIMENTALIST Your colour zones Violet, yellow and neutrals.
David Sylvian, Blemish (Samadhi Sound) The former pop icon reemerges as a convincing experimentalist, wrapping his sumptuous baritone around Derek Bailey's angular guitar and Christian Fennesz's electronic mulch.
From the collection as a whole emerges a new protagonist, to be celebrated in the novel Pindarics of a Cowley, as Joshua Scodel argues: the heroic entrepreneur, be he traveler, philosopher, merchant, experimentalist, or, indeed, the poet himself, for the first time evaluating poetry as a trade, or seeking to establish copyright in a newly-commercialized theater (see Paulina Kewes on "Plays as Property, 1660-1710).
Meanwhile, at historic Schindler House, there are two nights devoted to the late musical experimentalist John Cage.
based audio experimentalist, DJ, producer, and composer-philosopher, whose latest double-CD release is provocatively titled Fagjazz.
While a number of books and review articles describe the importance and application of different aspects of coupling reactions, this Handbook will be a compilation of all major catalyst components in use in the area, and is intended to guide the experimentalist and facilitate choice among the numerous reagents available for any one purpose.
However, both Wakhan and the Gordon Elliotttrained Experimentalist, who boasted a couple of respectable placed runs over hurdles, were available at double-figure odds, and Tobar Na Gaoise was an easy to-back second favourite, all this in the face of massive confidence behind Ut De Sivola who had run just once on the Flat, finishing second in a nine-runner 1m4f AQPS (non-thoroughbred) event at Vichy in May.

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