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Organized Sound Too Rarely Heard [Chur, Switzerland: Harwood, 1991], redefined "experimental music" to his own tastes, including Elliott Carter and Karlheinz Stockhausen, and excluding most British experimentalists.
Gifted with great personal force and intelligence, at heart she is an experimentalist, a fierce explorer with a profound sense of structure.
Select groups of international theorists and experimentalists - including those who are clustering in Waterloo, Ontario - are trying to understand and harness the phenomena and, with this latest research, have set a new standard by controlling a 12-Qubit system.
The print arrival of 2002: A Palindrome Story serves proof that the efforts of the Oulipo's progenitors have translated loud and clear to a new generation of experimentalists.
It is the thesis of her book that Milton writes in the mode of the experimentalists of mid-seventeenth-century England: the interpretive riches of his epic derive from a remarkable blend of "experimental philosophy and experimental devotion" forged into a new version of Paradise (70).
NIST theorists teamed up with the experimentalists for a detailed study of the excitation frequencies and damping rates of the collective spin modes.
The relations between theorists and experimentalists are the worst by far.
Newton wrote extensive treatises on alchemy and prophecy, Darwin's early studies drew inspiration from theologian William Paley, and nineteenth-century experimentalists generally saw their work as elucidating the world's "grand design.
Aimed at the senior undergraduate and graduate level, this textbook fills the gap between general introductory texts offering little detail and very technical, advanced books written for mathematicians and theorists rather than experimentalists in the field.
The fifth solo album by Noah Lennox, drummer with US experimentalists Animal Collective, centres on prominent drum tracks inspired by last year's collaboration with childhood heroes Daft Punk.
In particular while the development of general theoretical tools is important, it is also necessary for researchers to take a multidisciplinary, intersectorial approach, and to work with both theoreticians and experimentalists to gain understanding of how the available theoretical tools can be applied to different datasets, so that relevant and useful information can be extracted from the data.
Some thinkers and researchers and experimentalists work in the great intellectual centers of the world; others don't.