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County tax dollars are used to pay for the expert witnesses as well as the court's daily operating costs, which include salaries for the judge, deputy district attorneys, bailiff, court reporter and court clerk.
Based on characteristics determined by historical reviews of military commanders, they deemed a small minority of their subjects to be expert.
In prosecuting a client's case, A employed expert witnesses and private investigators.
Computer-based expert systems are a form of artificial intelligence that combine the knowledge and experience of industry experts into one source, able to perform diagnoses for a variety of problems that could previously be performed only by the industry experts themselves.
The star witness in the case against Volkswagen was a self-proclaimed automobile design expert named Byron Bloch, who testified that the Volkswagen seat was "a unique aberration in design .
According to the IRS, this method of determining the income allocation would not be arbitrary or capricious so long as an IRS counsel or an expert witness could later craft a theory supporting the income allocation originally determined by a throw of the dart.
Recent advancement in artificial intelligence, generalized database techniques, and information retrieval system using "fuzzy set" theory has made it possible to consider the development of expert (intelligent) computerized job matching systems.
Spectrum Expert has proven to be a valuable tool in diagnosing problems in large expanses as well.
However, by the time of Trigon's request, many of the draft reports had been deleted as a result of AGE's document retention policy--and the document retention policies of the individual practices of the testifying experts--which did not call for the retention of draft expert reports.
When you need an expert, you can e-mail everyone on the list, requesting names of experts in a given field.
Enabling: These technologies provide systems that scale better in the Internet environment and save expert labor and other resources.
Do you have the academic training, career prominence (published articles), professional certifications, requisite knowledge and experience in a specific area to be a successful expert witness?

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