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In addition to general guidelines for expiation, major topics include expiations related to puja, the linga, the Guru, food consumption, the great sins (mahapataka), sexual activity, menstruation, birth and death impurity, and the cleaning of objects.
It is agreed that ta'zir in every sin that does not limit nor expiation whether disobedience to God, any group or affect the rights or security system, or the right of hairpieces, which affect the rights of individuals.
Nothing can be more pleasing to our father God than the Christ himself, who offered himself indeed, his life as a victim in expiation for our sins.
In expiation, he also created a cucumber-mint salad, "to make up for the fact that we put bacon in our potato salad.
The hall, originally known as Llangoed Castle, was donated to the church in 560AD by Prince Iddon "in expiation of his sins".
The Prophet, sallallhu 'alayhiwasallam, said: "If one of you forgets a prayer or sleeps through its time, (as in a narration), he should pray it as soon as he remembers it, and there is no expiation for it save that.
Instead, he reminds us, drawing on the gospel image of Jesus' response to the pitiful multitudes, of a most crucial fact, or better yet, living reality of the Christian narrative: Christ, who has made expiation for sins by his sacrificial gift of himself on the cross, (1) looks compassionately upon all people, individually and within their respective communities; and that he does so because he is (2) solicitous for them, summoning them back to himself and his Father and the communion of life and love they share.
In the early hours of Monday, many other devotees expressed their reverence and sought expiation for their sins as they immersed themselves in the holy waters, and performed 'rti', rituals with oil lamps.
He understands the servant in Isa 52:13-53:12 as Israel and notes that the sacrifice of the servant plays a part in the expiation of sin.
Those loaves, broken for thousands, were not meant to result in a triumphal march but to foretell the sacrifice on the Cross when Jesus was to become Bread, Body and Blood, offered in expiation.
Blood expiation in Hittite and biblical ritual; origins, context, and meaning.
The conclusion seems to be that the period of German expiation for crimes committed during the Second World War is over, and a new and assertive Germany has been born.