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In The Church of Solitude, the narrative focuses yet again on the paradigm of sin, remorse and expiation, as breast cancer becomes the modem punishment for the violation of an archaic and primitive code.
NOW THAT SHE IS authentically dead--at 101, felled by a curse from the ghost of Ernst Junger, who lived two years longer--Leni Riefenstahl has joined the shades she often conjured during a career of ardor, mystification, and, perhaps, subliminal expiation.
There are some who believe this life is meant only/For expiation, most of the rest of us live it/That way without knowing .
Garrett's determination to escape his history locks him into a near-eternity of sequential time; his determination to escape the consequences of his violence commits him to centuries of expiation.
In CBDs the world over, Mammon has replaced God as the object of slavering, unquestioning veneration, business bureaucrats have superseded popes as the great patrons of art and architecture (underlining the Church's loss of its historical wealth, status and power) and shopping is the new religion (although there have always been ways to buy your place in heaven -- Giotto's exquisite, transcendent frescoes at the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, for example, were commissioned by Enrico Scrovegni, son of a notorious usurer Reginaldo, in attempted expiation of his father's sins.
He (Heath) could not visit the city without expressing sympathy for the fate it suffered in 1945 and we very much doubt whether he could express such sympathy without in some way giving the Japanese the impression that he was engaged in an act of expiation,'' Evans wrote.
In what was surely a feeble attempt at expiation, I made sure that one of them was on my birthday.
He learns too that her going to church was an attempt at expiation and the purging of her soul.
The devotion was invoked in several instances for disparate purposes: to save the nation by way of expiation after the humiliating defeat at Sedan, to contextualize French volunteers fighting for the papacy with their Vendeen ancestors who had battled for the monarchy, to rally beleaguered French soldiers making a suicide attack against Prussian forces at Loigny.
South Australia has an Expiation of Offences Act 1996 that sets out the procedure for imposing and enforcing all expiation (infringement) fees.
You need only gaze upon the fantastic Temple Expiation de la Sagrada Familia to know you are very, very far from Kansas City, or Oklahoma City, or San Bernardino, or any of the other shit-house American cities.
They argued that their devout Hinduism required as expiation for this swallowing of flesh a purification ritual that involved their bathing in the Ganges River, but Judge Jean Lovell said the expenses of such a trip did not count as reasonably foreseeable to the fast-food chain.