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6404(g)(1) would expire on May 25, 2010, while, under Rev.
4 million for the 405 project that had been previously approved but was set to expire at the end of the year because work on the project has not yet begun.
minus) And then a month or so after expire and just a few days after I finally sent my check, a discount offer arrived--dropping the price to $29.
24) By making this election, the NOL or capital loss is deemed to expire immediately before the subsidiary becomes a member of the acquiring consolidated group.
Not like in previous years when the only acknowledgement that the contract was about to expire was an increase in production in the event of a strike.
Directors (Terms Expire 1991) Joe Bell Pacific Bronze, Ltd
The use of the word expire might serve to reinforce in the subscriber's mind a decision that she had only tentatively made.
Lowber St Decatur, IL 62525 217/428-7791 Treasurer Jim McGill Caterpillar, Inc Route 24 Mapleton, IL 61547 309/675-8768 Directors (Terms Expire 1990) Todd Sternaman Sudbury, Inc/Wagner Castings Co Gene Whitaker Caterpillar, Inc Ken Craig Chem Cast Rudy Eackel Caterpillar, Inc Directors (Terms Expire 1991) Tom Williams Ashland Chemical Co Don Oltman Caterpillar, Inc Ralph Wright Caterpillar, Inc Directors (Terms Expire 1992) Bob Keller Sudbury, Inc/Wagner Casting Co Lynn McWilliams Sudbury, Inc/Wagner Castings Co Dan Milhone Mueller Foundry Publicity Chairman Don Oltman Caterpillar, Inc Rt 24 Mapleton, IL 61547 309/675-8401
The opposing way of thinking is that, if the expire knows how valuable your product is, why did they let it expire in the first place?
ZTW strike prices have been set at 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 100, and 110, and the 2001 LEAPS(R) will expire in January 2001.
We strongly indicated our support for the measure,'' said Ken Green, a spokesman for Disney, whose copyright on Mickey Mouse was scheduled to expire in 2003, on Pluto in 2005, on Goofy in 2007 and on Donald Duck in 2009.
Robert Goldstein, a partner with Borah Goldstein Altschuler & Schwartz, warned "Rent control doesn't end on June 16th, that's a local option, and city stabilization from '69 doesn't expire, and the leases don't expire.