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Matty Kennedy, Declan John and Ibrahim Meite are all out on loan with Portsmouth, Rangers and Crawley respectively, but will see their current deals with the Bluebirds expire following the conclusion of the 2017-18 campaign.
Dianne Schmidt, EC Regional Chair - Regional Chair term expires December 31, 2014
Thus, if P acquires the stock of S, which owns T, and an election is made to waive T's loss carryovers, S must reduce its stock basis in T by the amount of the loss carryovers deemed to expire (subject to the floor of T's net asset basis).
Robert Goldstein, a partner with Borah Goldstein Altschuler & Schwartz, warned "Rent control doesn't end on June 16th, that's a local option, and city stabilization from '69 doesn't expire, and the leases don't expire.
25) The statement attached to the tax return must identify the following: the amount of each loss carryover deemed to expire (or the amount of each loss carryover deemed not to expire, with any balance of any loss carryovers being deemed to expire), the basis of any stock reduced as a result of the deemed expiration, and the computation of the basis reduction.
Directors (Terms Expire 1993) Gerald Dick Shanafelt Mfg Co
He continues to write his expires without ever telling them that they are no longer in good standing.
Include expires from the past 2 years in your plan.