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Company contributions from launches and expiries, 2005-11
Company growth rates from launches and expiries, 2005-11
Big Pharma contribution from launches and expiries, 2005-11
Biotech contribution from launches and expiries, 2005-11
The 95 page report uses detailed regulatory and company source information in order to provide a concise over of the effect of patent expiries on over 40 major selling pharmaceuticals including, Nexium, Srevent and Protonix.
Generic Competition to 2009 - The impact of patent expiries on sales of major drugs' is priced at GBP795 and is available from Piribo as a downloadable PDF file.
However, the late approval and patent expiries of major drugs in Japan means that its size will increase to 2014.
Evaluate the effect patent expiries will have on key agents in order to develop commercial strategies and minimize the impact of genericization
This report forecasts that combination products will drive sales in the ARB class once key product patent expiries force allow genericization of plain formulation products, however physicians are often cynical of manufacturers motives for producing these combinations and the benefits to patients must be highlighted to maintain physician confidence.
During the forecast period, 2003-11, the market will experience a period of high volatility as revenues are impacted by consecutive patent expiries and limited product launches.
However, all of the leading brands will suffer patent expiries by 2009.