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She will represent the Circuit Judges Association and serve for a term expiring Sept.
This year Congress is debating reauthorization of the expiring provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA).
First District: Virgina Cairrao, CDA, Bristol, RI, appointed to a three-year term expiring 2007.
If an election to waive T's loss carryforwards is made, its loss carryovers are treated as expiring for all Federal income tax purposes immediately before T becomes a member of the P consolidated group.
So those tenants whose leases would be expiring in November should be sent renewal leases now.
Requiring a negative adjustment for expiring losses was a controversial provision when promulgated in the proposed regulations and attracted many critical comments.
He will represent the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation and serve for a term expiring July 6, 2021.
1502-32(b)(4) allows an election that provides limited relief from this basis reduction, by permitting an acquiring consolidated group to treat all or part of an acquired subsidiary's loss carryover as expiring immediately before the subsidiary becomes a member of the group.