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Wonders themselves, being particular exceptions to the general or familiar operation of nature, were either excluded from natural philosophy, which was about only universals and regularities, or explained away.
It explained away the obvious conflict by simply stating, "A method can be followed without subscribing to the underlying theory.
And while a general climate fostering individual empowerment has made itself felt in doctorpatient relationships, as recently as 1993, a small Society-sponsored study suggested that women who told their doctors about early MS symptoms sometimes had them explained away as "psychological".
In this case, the victim felt helpless to resolve the situation, and her husband, the type of abuser who usually remains a pillar of the community, rationally explained away his behavior.
I would like to communicate a taste of the rich inner world of transcendence to those so enamored of the intellect as the sole arbiter of reality that the very existence of spiritual experiences is doubted or denied--or else explained away psychologically, neurologically, or culturally as something inferior and indeed delusionary.
Less extravagant than feminine fashion but still complexly coded in its minute specificities was male dress, mostly unexamined here, its secondary significance explained away in Wilde's complaint that contemporary male costume was no more than a 'frame' or dark border used to isolate and separate woman's dresses.
There's a tremendous brain cancer cluster [in Guilford]," says Brodeur, "and it can't just be explained away or studied to death.
It was explained away as the natural evolutionary process of environmental pruning, survival of the fittest trees within the overpopulated groves.
Anomalous effects have been seen often enough that the phenomena can't be explained away as artifacts," says Charles D.
P&G has not yet explained away the tumors and liver changes seen in rat tests.
The incidents often are denied, not reported, explained away or otherwise swept under the carpet.