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Throughout their visit, they alternate between solving puzzles and meeting with other explainers to take part in reconnaissance activities.
As part of the campaign Life has promised to "engage at least 100,000 women and girls to explore science and engineering through science exhibitions, aim to involve at least 10,000 school girls in science workshops, engage a further 5,000 through a schools outreach programme, and continue to provide positive role models by ensuring at least 50% of graduate explainers who deliver science activities to the public are women".
Give employees--particularly a network of explainers and motivators--grist for workplace conversations.
But Abraham Lincoln should also be remembered as one of America's most eloquent explainers and defenders of the role of government.
The great explainers are now busy telling Americans why they voted as they did.
For the rest of us, the Explainers will use a gravity table to demonstrate the curvature of space-time.
AMERICA'S REAL-TIME political explainers are a game bunch.
It is an expansion of my work into education and basically you could say it is an explainers guide to fungi and is aimed at non-experts who want to tell children more about the fascinating world of mushrooms, toadstools, and moulds.
Science World Explainers are trained to identify a visitor's interest and encourage explorations of an exhibit beyond the initial phase.
In a statement celebrating the collaboration, FAO DirectorGeneral, Jose Graziano da Silva, underscored the "critical role" played by global media in the effort "to build more sustainable food systems and eradicate hunger and malnutrition as observers and watchdogs, as explainers, as sharers of ideas and information.
We have a very strong female representation among our science explainers, who act as role models for the thousands of girls who take part in our schools education workshops every year and of the 500 staff working on site, many of them are women working on cutting-edge Life Science Centre scientific research and development.
A physicist-turned-prolific-writer, he is among the most engaging and thoughtful of quantum explainers, and Quantum Leaps provides one of the best concise guides available to what the fuss is all about.